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‘Bluey’ is back for a surprise new episode on Disney+ this Sunday

LOS ANGELES -- "Bluey," the hit children's series that has captivated audiences, is back with a surprise episode that will premiere on Sunday.The episode,...

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How many undecided chilangos could change their vote? – The financial

The political battle of the three candidates for the Head of Government of Mexico City It is becoming more and more intense. However,...

When can it be seen in Mexico and what does it mean? – The financial

April is giving us a series of astronomical events worth remembering. First with him total solar eclipse that could be seen in some...

You reduce the prices of your best-selling cars by 2 thousand dollars, what is the reason? – The financial

Elon Musk could start making less money, because the Tesla has decided to reduce the prices of electric cars by $2,000 Best sellers: Model...

What is rosemary oil used for in hair? – The financial

Have you heard that the oil of rosemary in hair is good? For thousands of years, the plants that are often used as...

Where and at what time can you watch the Clausura 2024 match LIVE? – The financial

The tournament of Closing 2024 It is reaching the end of its first stage; the league is practically right around the corner, and one...


Is the East Coast on the brink of a major earthquake?

The earthquake that struck the East Coast earlier this month was felt by an estimated 42 million people and luckily caused little damage,...

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