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25-Time World Champion Adrian Newey Hails This Legendary F1 Car Designer as the GOAT

After 25 world championships won with the likes of Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull, and the utter dominance the RB18, RB19 and now the RB20 are serving up on their rivals, Adrian Newey stands as one of the greatest F1 designers of all time. However, as per ex-F1 team owner, Eddie Jordan, there is another F1 design genius whom even the iconic Newey tips his hat for. On the Formula for Success podcast, Jordan revealed that Newey had once told him that he absolutely loved and respected fellow designer, Gary Anderson the most.

Jordan was narrating a conversation he had with Newey where he recollected the Briton referring to Anderson as, “The most practical race engineer, designer that I have ever seen.” Jordan explained that Adrian Newey admires the 73-year-old because “he has never, ever asked somebody to do something that he could not do himself.”

Anderson’s first foray into Formula racing was with the Brabham, in the 1970s, where he quickly impressed his peers and became the chief mechanic of their Formula 3 cars. Later on in his career, he joined a newly formed Jordan team in 1991. In their very first year working together, the iconic Jordan 191 finished 5th in the Constructors’ championship. Before working with Jordan, Anderson had a brief stint with McLaren as their chief mechanic.

As technical director of the fan-favorite Jordan team, he quickly grew a high reputation in the paddock. He was even offered to join McLaren again, and even Ferrari wanted his services. But he declined. After a stint with Stewart and Jaguar, Gary Anderson rejoined Jordan for the 2002 and 2003 seasons before calling it quits on his time in the sport.

Gary Anderson has had a wider impact on motorsport than just F1

Anderson began his motorsport career in the lower formulas. Before he tasted success in F1, however, he plied his trade across the pond. In 1985, Anderson worked as the chief engineer for IndyCar outfit, Galles. It’s there he teamed up with Brazilian F1 cult hero, Roberto Moreno for the first time (they would later reunite at Jordan). He also had a stint with Reynard in the CART championship in between his time in F1.

After his career with the drawing board and in the garage was over, he went on to takeover the media and journalistic side of the sport. Over the course of his broadcast career, Anderson has worked with the likes of RTE, BBC, and F1’s inhouse production team.

Anderson is also a revered F1 journalist. He has contributed to Autosport, is The Race’s inhouse technical expert – contributing on their pieces and podcasts, and is also a columnist with The Telegraph.

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