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5 strangers pop up – Libero Quotidiano

We continue to talk about the will of Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope Emeritus who passed away on December 31st. the executor, Fr Georg Gaenswein, would still be working to fulfill his duties. During the trips made between Regensburg, Markt am Inn and Pentling – where some foundations are located which will receive the collections of books or music scores of the great theologian – distant relatives popped up and hitherto unknown. They too would be part of the estate.

Furthermore, Don Georg, as reported by the Messenger, would have solved the dilemma of how to manage the sum that was in Ratzinger’s personal current account. Since the deceased pontiff had not left specific indications, in the absence of direct heirs, he left the hunt for the next of kin. The number to be divided is not known. “At a certain point I realized that there were still some relatives, and for me it was interesting. Initially I thought there were only two cousins ​​alive and instead there are all five relatives. Since Benedict XVI has not explicitly indicated an heir, both Vatican and Italian law apply, which indicate the duty to identify legitimate heirs”, explained Gaenswein.

In the meantime, steps have been taken to trace their residences. “I have to write to these cousins: by law they will have to be consulted and decide whether or not they want to accept the inheritance”, added Gaenswein. Who then clarified: “In this case it concerns a liquid sum”. All the other personal objects instead, from watches to pens, from paintings to liturgical furnishings, were included in a list drawn up by Pope Benedict before he died. Ratzinger also ordered the destruction of all his private letters in his will. Only the notes remained, transferred to the Regensburg foundation.

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