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Aaron Rodgers’ message after injury hypes NFL fans

Aaron Rodgers finally broke his silence regarding his season-ending injury in their NFL Week 1 showdown against the Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets star had a lot of people to thank and was still heartbroken from not being able to give his best for the team. Fans saw the post and wised Rodgers well as he makes his way into injury recovery.

One of the first things Aaron Rodgers did was go to Instagram and be grateful for the people in his life. His Achilles injury against the Bills was no joke but he knew that a lot of people loved him enough to send their regards. Some fans may not have the chance to privately message him but they commented on his post instead.

“The Dark Knight Will Rise,” was one of the most prominent comments that fans wrote. It was a fitting comment given that Rodgers was alluding to how he was in his darkest of times. The subtle Batman reference may also rub off on the Jets quarterback as he becomes stronger in his recovery process.

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Some fans were more optimistic. They commented, “Legit coming back better than ever.” Giving Rodgers this belief will surely help him out. An Achilles injury is one of the worst things a player could suffer but it is not impossible to return from.

A lot of fans expressed how distraught they were when Rodgers got sacked by the Bills’ secondary and planted his foot in an awkward angle on the turf. There is no reason to believe that he won’t bounce back after that NFL Week 1 tragedy.

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