under the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Judiciary of the State of Puebla, carried out the virtual presentation “Violence: A Cultural Problem”.

She was a professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Carmina Parada He pointed out that there are three types of violence; the direct, the structural, cultural and symbolic.

The direct violence It is physical, verbal, psychological, killing, beating, damage caused, aggression.

The structural violence, it is the invisible, aggressor and victim are not identified, no identification of mechanisms.

And the cultural and physical violence, it is the symbolic sphere, religious beliefs, language, art and music, in this sense he explained that there are many songs that use violence in their lyrics.

In addition, she said that another sector of structural violence against women is that before leaving home, they think about where they will go, and accordingly they decide what item of clothing to wear. “Thinking if they go to a crowded place they can touch it unfairly, that is part of cultural violence.”

Although he said the symbolic violence it does not kill or mutilate, it is not incorporated into the structure, but legitimate justifies, teaches and gives reason to the other two (direct and cultural violence), it encourages the mind that the right thing to do is exploitation and repression as something normal and natural.

The academic asked the question, what can we do? In the face of acts of violence, be tolerant, become aware, be supportive and responsible individually and collectively.


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