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AMLO remembers how he met Claudia Sheinbaum – El Financiero

Since the Morena polls concluded, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has left no room for doubt about the confidence she has in the new coordinator of the movement and virtual candidate of the ruling party in the 2024 elections, Claudia Sheinbaum.

Not only did he give him a baton of command like the one he himself received from representatives of indigenous, native and Afro-Mexican peoples in the Zócalo when he was sworn in as national leader, he also took advantage of the morning conference to express his support and assure that it is the most suitable person to take his place.

To prove it, this morning he remembered when he first met her as head of Government in the then Federal District (2000-2006) and the exceptional results that he left after having been designated as Environment Secretary.

“When I arrived at the city government, I was head of government, I began to integrate the team and I also needed to balance the participation of men and women, in the end more women participated than men in the cabinet and I had to appoint the Secretary of the Environment and a very close friend, Pepe Barberán (Jose Barberan) who was an academic, helped a lot, and a man with principled convictions, who has already passed away, I asked him if he knew anyone who could help us face the problems of environmental contingencies,” he mentioned.

At that time, pollution in the country’s capital was a priority for López Obrador, so he was looking for someone who was up to the task.

“The contamination worried me, so Barberán, who knew Claudia, I think he knew Claudia’s mother, they were both academics. He recommended Claudia to me And that’s how I met her and the first thing I said to her, are you going to help me with the contingencies, you know? Yes, yes and she came out very good,” she noted.

According to the president, with Sheinbaum in charge of the current Sedema, the city only had two days of environmental contingency and the garbage separation programHe also collaborated in the creation of Line 1 of the Metrobús and in the construction of the second floor of the Periférico.

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