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Angra loses Ana Maris Figueiredo | Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro

Ana Maris Figueiredo Ribeiro, chose Angra out of love to live and tell her story, she will be missedDisclosure/Reproduction social network

Angra dos Reis – In full festivities, the city of Angra dos Reis received the sad news on Sunday afternoon(11); the death of Ana Maris Figueiredo Ribeiro. Angrense by love, a teacher in love with her city, she knew every detail of one of the greatest historical heritages, known throughout the world, Angra dos Reis. “Ana Maris is a living encyclopedia of each monument, a personality that has marked the history of Angra dos Reis over these 522 years” – said professor Fabrícia Lopes (35).

Always active Ana Maris was pleased to pass on all her learning to generations of new teachers, students, and other professionals interested in knowing every detail and curiosity surrounding the cultural and religious history of Angra dos Reis. A giant in poetry and a highlight of each personality who wrote and writes Angra between the lines from one verse to another. Keeping the historical heritage of Angra dos Reis alive and preserved was her goal, which is why everything she did was with great care, enthusiasm and dedication.

After the news of the historian’s death, Mayor Fernando Jordão, alongside state deputy Célia Jordão (PL), on his social network, spoke about the loss of his childhood friend. “A childhood friend of ours, from my family who will be missed. Ana Maris recently wrote a beautiful poem in honor of Angra dos Reis’ anniversary “ – said Jordão.

“Ana Maris will be greatly missed in education, culture and history. She spoke about Angra dos Reis through her verses” – said the deputy.

The population also expressed great affection on social media: “We will always cross Rua do Comércio and see the image of Ana Maris with 100 students around her”. “She was an inspiration for choosing the samba plots of Bloco da Imprensa”. I miss your friend, I know you’re in a good place.”

Ana Maris’ body is being laid to rest at the President Benedito Adelino Plenary, the Angra dos Reis City Council, and her burial will take place today, the 12th, at 2pm, at the Carmo Cemetery.

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