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Anitta wears a costume inspired by the Serrano Empire | Celebrities

Anitta pays tribute to Império Serrano in São Paulo with a sunny lookFred Othero / Disclosure

Published 02/12/2024 20:26

Rio – Anitta continues to rock her looks for “Ensaios da Anitta”. This Monday (12), the singer wore a costume at the second show in São Paulo of the “Carnaval da Anitta” tour. The theme chosen for the artist’s carnival this year is samba schools, which will be highlighted in the costumes of her carnival season.

The little king of Madureira! This is how the Império Serrano samba school is known, my honoree today. The nickname refers to the neighborhood where it was founded in 1947, in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

The parade that the organization defended in 2022, called “Mangagá”, celebrated the entities of African-derived religions. In the school’s samba theme, they sing the verses: “The son of the spark is fire. If you join the game, it’s to set fire.”

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