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Are Miami Heat aging out with a roster of 30-somerthings?

Q: Ira, Josh Richardson turning 30 on Friday tossed me for a loop. I remember him being a kid when he got here. Are the Heat too old? – Danny.

A: But when Josh Richardson arrived to the Heat in the 2015 second round, he did it after four seasons at Tennessee, as a polished and ready-to-go player, arguably more ready to go than Heat 2015 first-round pick Justise Winslow, who was one and done at Duke. But Josh’s game also has aged well. It’s not as if he solely has relied on speed and athleticism. Except for stepping out of bounds (and here’s hoping that part went away during his tours elsewhere), he plays an intelligent, measured game. As for the Heat fielding a team of older veterans, that long has been the Pat Riley way, and it also long has been a proven path to success. But there also is ample youth, at least at the moment, in Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Nikola Jovic.

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