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Aston Martin F1 Car Launch: Team Boss Reveals Majority of the 2024 Challenger Is New

Aston Martin is the latest team to launch their 2024 F1 car, and the AMR24 is due to run in Silverstone today itself. With the launch of the car, team boss Mike Krack addressed the media and talked about the car. As posted on X (formerly Twitter) by user Junaid, Krack claimed most of the parts of the AMR24 are new. Only a handful of parts will feature from the AMR23 in the latest car.

“Almost every area of the car has been refined and improved, building on our strengths, and taking on board the lessons of the previous campaign. 2023 was our best season to date and our goal this season is to score regular points, podiums, and fight for our first win in green.”, said Krack, as quoted by PlanetF1.

Krack claimed 2023 was the team’s best season, and their goal is to improve on that. Aided by Fernando Alonso, the British team finished P5 in the constructors’ championship with 280 points. They secured eight podium finishes, all of which came because of Alonso.

Lance Stroll also addressed the media, as he called his team “young.” He added they were growing fast, and there was a “hunger and belief” within the team to keep growing.

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The AMR24 is much lighter than its predecessor. It is also more aerodynamically efficient, allowing the car to be much more competitive. These changes come with the team’s need to remain competitive with the likes of Red Bull, who have an edge over the rest of the field owing to the genius of Adrian Newey.

Aston Martin Technical Director shines more light on their approach to the AMR24

Aston Martin‘s Technical Director, Dan Fallows, was also in the mix of those who addressed the media. He talked about how, even with stable regulations, there were possibilities to refine the car. Unlike last season, the team wants to keep up in the development race, and the AMR24’s design will allow them to do just that.

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Apart from the car’s design flexibility, Fallows added it has a broad operating window. “We have focused more on versatility for a wider range of specific circuit characteristics”, he said. It will allow the car to be more of an ‘all-rounder.’ With a wide variety of tracks on the calendar, Aston Martin hopes the car can sustain a season-long challenge.

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