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Aura, a humanoid robot, will assist guests at Las Vegas’s Sphere arena

Aura, Sphere Entertainment's humanoid "spokesbot," will greet visitors to Las Vegas' new Sphere venue. Image courtesy of Sphere Entertainment

1 of 2 | Aura, Sphere Entertainment’s humanoid “spokesbot,” will greet visitors to Las Vegas’ new Sphere venue. Image courtesy of Sphere Entertainment

Sept. 19 (UPI) — Sophisticated, AI-powered humanoid robots will greet visitors to the Sphere, the new concert venue at the Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Five “Aura” spokesbots, hailed in a press release Tuesday as “the world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” will communicate with guests, answering queries with human-like facial expressions and mobility.

MSG Ventures CEO David Dibble told USA Today the spokesbots will not only move in familiar ways, but will be able to recognize humans, which he found “stunning.”

“[Some] people may find it creepy, but everybody will find it fascinating,” Dibble said. Aura “sees you, and as you move around, she’ll follow you, she’ll track you, she’ll interact with you.”

Aura will use artificial intelligence to learn and grow via communicating with humans.

“Hello, humans. While I understand the most complex concepts of math and science — you remain a mystery,” Aura said in the press release.

The 17,500-seat Sphere opens Sept. 19 with a 17-show residency by U2, marking the band’s first live performances in four years.

The building, taller than the Statue of Liberty, is covered by massive screens that make for surreal daily entertainment for Vegas commuters.

The spokesbots will be more than novelties. They will be able to “answer complex questions about the groundbreaking engineering, layers of custom-designed technology and the creative mission at the core of venue,” in addition to providing directions and additional information on performances.

Aura will also function as a brand ambassador for Sphere, with its image on various digital platforms and all over social media.

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