Thousands of bargain hunters have been pounding the pavement in Belfast in the search of Black Friday deals.

nrestrained shoppers filled their boots after shops slashed prices by as much as 70% helping restore the buzz to the city centre.     

Suzanne Mussett (53) from Newcastle Upon-Tyne has enjoyed spending the past few days here while visiting her grandson who recently celebrated his birthday. 


Suzanne Mussett (Credit: Brett Campbell)

She was keen to squeeze in some retail therapy before heading to the airport. 

“I’m flying home at dinner time,” she explained. 

“But I didn’t want to miss out on any bargains and managed to get quite a few — there’s loads out there.”

Confident that there was enough room in her luggage for even more purchases, Ms Mussett said she planned to keep shopping after taking a short rest. 

“I’m buying clothes for relatives back home who will be expecting Christmas presents,” she explained. 

“Belfast is pretty good for shopping and it’s a lot bigger than Newcastle and I’ve got a few hours left.” 

Self-confessed shopaholic Nikki McCollum (58) got the 9.50am bus from Antrim to indulge in her favourite activity. 

“I’ve been keeping my money and I could sleep last night,” she said.

“I went straight to Kurt Geiger and have been all round Victoria Square. 

“I’ve been really impressed so far and now I’m off to TK Maxx.” 

Ms McCollum left some bags behind the till at the shops she’d been to, but refused to reveal how many in case her husband is reading. 

Matthew Ingraham (25) and Hayley Green decided to hit the high street and begin their Christmas shopping. 


Matthew Ingraham and Hayley Green (Credit: Brett Campbell)

“We’ve been through a couple of shops and so far, so good,” Matthew said. 

“We went to the Christmas market beforehand though.”

Hayley, who was making the most of her day off university, was hoping to get more value for money with her Christmas shopping budget. 

Jason (32) and Jade Orderly (31) were making the most of having a day off together — something that rarely happens for the shift workers.


Jade and Jason Orderly (Credit: Brett Campbell)

“We came into the centre at 9.30am and went to St George’s Market, did a bit of shopping and now we are having lunch,” Jade explained. 

“And I’m having a mulled wine just to be festive.”

The couple enjoyed a Bratwurst and what Jason described as “basically a seafood sausage”. 

“There was a lot of garlic, but it was good,” he added. 

“We dropped the kids off before we came in and we don’t have to pick them up from school for another couple of hours so we are going back into shop.” 

Brenda McCaffrey (61) was a bit worried about the damage she’d done to her bank balance as she decided to head home at lunchtime. 

“I feel like an Orangutan walking around with these bags,” she said. 

“I came in at 9.30, I’ve just had a coffee and text my husband to see if he’ll be bag carrier but he said no, because he’s in work. 

“But he’s better off earning money because I plan to spend more next week.” 

The unapologetic consumer was happy to see Belfast “buzzing” and is looking forward to visiting the Christmas Market in December when her daughter comes home from Australia. 

Student Calum Stevenson (20) headed to the city centre after his morning lecture in the hope of making a dent in his Christmas shopping list.


Calum Stevenson (Credit: Brett Campbell)

“I was supposed to buy presents,” he explained. 

“But I’ve ended up buying a lot of clothes for myself.”

Meanwhile, Andy Magill (32) was strategic in how he approached one of the busiest shopping days of the year — he brought his dog along for company as he waited outside shops for his wife Yeelan (32). 


Yeelan and Andy Magill with dog Walter (Credit: Brett Campbell)

“Walter comes everywhere with us,” Andy said. 

“He’s allowed in some shops and a few of the bars. 

“He enjoys licking the head off a Guinness from my finger — he gets real glarey if you don’t share — and he’s even been known to have a Bonio dipped in.”  


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