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Brazilian woman and three children who left the Gaza Strip arrive in Brazil this Saturday | World and Science

Brazilian woman and three children who left the Gaza Strip arrive in Brazil this SaturdayDisclosure/FAB

The four Palestinian-Brazilians who obtained authorization to leave the Gaza Strip last Wednesday (7) are staying in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. A woman and her three children are expected to arrive in Brazil on Saturday night (10), landing at Guarulhos International Airport.

According to the Brazilian Representative Office in Ramallah, Palestine, the woman, whose identity was not informed, and her four- and two-year-old children could not go out because she was pregnant. After the child was born, on December 24th, authorization to leave the region that is in conflict with Israel could be issued.

The family was received by the Brazilian embassy team in the Egyptian capital, shortly after crossing the Rafah border, in the south of Gaza, with the African country. Rafah is the highest security point in Gaza.


From there, the family traveled for around six hours and stayed in a hotel funded by resources from the Brazilian government. The release of funds and the provision of aid were made possible thanks to a new stage of Operation Returning in Peace, which rescued and helped 1,560 people, since October 2023, including Brazilians and relatives who were in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank region. The operation is aimed at Brazilians without tickets, non-residents, pregnant women, the elderly, women and children. 53 domestic animals were also transported.

Before crossing the border, the four were housed in Rafah in a house rented by the Brazilian representation in Ramallah, Palestine, with guaranteed resources for food, water and medicine, receiving assistance until they crossed the border.

This is the fourth specific repatriation operation with Brazilians who were on the Palestinian side of the conflict, a process that requires more complex coordination. This is because the only border for civilians to leave the war zone in Gaza is in the south of the enclave, in Rafah, on the border with Egypt. To leave Palestinian territory, you must have your name on a list approved by authorities in Israel, Egypt and Palestine. In total, 149 Brazilians and close relatives were rescued, 117 from Gaza, including the current family, and 32 from the West Bank.

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