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“BS Call on Brunson”: Kendrick Perkins SOUNDS OFF on Referees, Upset With Jalen Brunson Call at End of Knicks-Rockets

The New York Knicks-Houston Rockets contest was an entertaining duel. However, a last-second controversial call has several fans livid. During the final play of the game, as the score was tied at 103 apiece, Jalen Brunson contested Aaron Holiday’s three-point attempt. While it looked like a great defensive play, the official on the sideline believed that the Rockets guard was hit. As the Knicks suffered a tough loss due to the play, Kendrick Perkins was one of the many individuals who expressed his frustration.

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The New York Knicks put up a terrific display to come back from a 16-point deficit. Having outscored the Rockets 60-48 in the second half, Jalen Brunson and co. had the momentum on their side if the clash would’ve gone to overtime. However, Perkins, among numerous others, is disappointed that such a well-contested, entertaining battle had a “bullsh*t” call to end the game.

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Kendrick Perkins and other fans of the New York Knicks are justified in being annoyed at the call. From a different camera angle, it is evident that Brunson didn’t foul Holiday. Instead of being rewarded for his excellent defense, the Knicks’ leader has to deal with the fact that his team has now lost three games straight.

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Tom Thibodeau also chimed in and spoke about the officiating. During the postgame conference, the Knicks’ head coach sarcastically took a dig at the officiating.

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The level of officiating displayed has been a concern according to many this season. The fact that the referee, who called the foul, was standing right next to the players when the incident occurred is even more worrying.

NBA Twitter reacts to Jalen Brunson being called for a foul

As soon as the contest concluded, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions. Usually, users have varied opinions on a topic. However, in this case, a majority of the users agreed that the Knicks had been subjected to a bad call.

Several users highlighted the 33-12 (in the favor of the Rockets) free-throw disparity to shed light on the awful officiating throughout the contest.

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The terrible officiating has also raised several eyebrows, with fans being suspicious and demanding for the NBA to investigate the officials.

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The terrible call has had an adverse effect. The Knicks have lost three straight games for only the second time this season. Further, instead of being a game closer to the 3rd spot in the East, the 33-21 Knicks are now only 0.5 games ahead of the #5 Philadelphia 76ers.

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