Great success for Francesca Fagnani than with his Beasts kept Rai2 viewers glued to the TV. Among these also the companion Henry Mentana. It is precisely the journalist who recounts the reproach she hears every time the two watch the show. “We often watch it together and when I ask an uncomfortable question, the guests, she takes their side, empathizes with them. He Says: ‘But poor fellowbut poor thing, how do you treat them…'”. Once the 2022 edition is over, Fagnani allows herself to be interviewed and has a thought for each guest.

Anna Maria Bernardini De Pace for example “she’s a nice woman. Social media loved her”. Of Wanna Marchi struck her lack of repentance while of Nina Moric his lucidity. The presenter is convinced that the former model has suffered a lot in her life, but that she is trying in every way to get out of that tunnel. What surprised her most, however, was Rocco Siffredi. The red light actor admitted to being addicted to sex and that he repeatedly thought the worst.

“When this desire attacks me in its most violent form, I even think that I would like to castrate myself to put an end to the problem. But it is precisely at that point that I ask God for help through my mother’s intercession”, were his words . Words that deeply touched Fagnani: “I felt his true suffering“, he admits to the weekly Gente. Meanwhile, the presenter is preparing for the new edition. Among the guests for whom she would make false cards Maria De Filippi, Vasco Rossi And Gianna Nannini.

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