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Cadereyta refinery leads pollution – El Financiero

The Cadereyta Refinery is responsible for 94 percent of carbon dioxide and 46 percent of all industrial emissions in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (AMM), said Rosanety Barrios, energy advisor to the pre-candidate for the Presidency, Xóchitl. Galvez.

“And it is rumored that the sulfur recovery equipment is out of operation due to lack of maintenance,” the specialist revealed.

Barrios commented that based on public data, the Cadereyta refinery is having highly significant activity with the production of sulfur.

“It is evident that Cadereyta is having a very serious difficulty with sulfur and this is the result of a lack of maintenance at its facilities. If any refinery is left without its equipment for sulfur recovery, its operation simply stops because the Sulfur should not reach the boilers and there are standards to establish the maximum levels allowed,” he explained.

Barrios criticized that Pemex has not joined the Comprehensive Strategic Management Plan for Air Quality (PIGECA) that exists here in Nuevo León.

“As it is not within this scheme, the refinery has no goals and has no obligations, and no one, any of the federal authorities, who should be taking care of this, is acting on it,” he explained.

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