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“Camilla has invited her lover” – Libero Quotidiano

Filed the case Harry and Megan MarkleHis Majesty’s subjects Charles III are getting passionate about the new Buckingham Palace scandal: theHanbury-gate. The name that passes these days by word of mouth and precisely Rosa Hanbury Marchioness of Cholmondeley and alleged lover of prince William. However, it was there that caused the scandal Queen Consort that he would invite her to the ceremony of coronation of Carlo without Kate’s knowledge. Camilla did not know about the gossip and naively thought it right to invite her, thinking that William and his wife were very good friends with Rose. And they were: but only until 2019, the year during which rumors of a relationship between the Marquise ex model and Prince William. As is the practice, the Royal Palace has never commented, and therefore perhaps Camilla really did not know.

The fact is that the presence of the Countess of Cholmondeley at the coronation ceremony of Charles and Camilla inevitably rekindled the spotlight on the alleged liaison. The presence of Rose Hanbury did not go unnoticed and the tabloids were filled with photos of the embarrassed faces of the Welsh princes, who never showed themselves close to the woman. Naivety or less than Camilla, Princess Kate would be anyway furious with her, so much so that he would have decided not to bow at the time of his coronation. As reported by the portal “RadarOnline”the Regina would absolutely regret it And sorry for what happened.

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