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Capufe reports a line of cars of up to 30 kilometers, what happened? – The financial

Were you planning to use the Mexico-Querétaro highway? You better think twice, because the authorities of Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) report a heavy traffic on that road today, Saturday, March 23, 2024. Here we give you all the details.

What is the affected section/area in Mexico-Querétaro?

There is a lot of traffic on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, specifically at kilometer 84 towards Mexico City, because traffic was closed at 4 in the morning to deal with a terrible road accident. And the worst thing is that it happens at the very beginning of Easter holidays.

Said road accident in the Mexico-Querétaro highway It was a trailer that suffered a strong impact and this caused it to be almost destroyed. To remove this unit, the authorities had to close circulation, it took a long time and this caused the line of cars was getting longer and longer.

Unfortunately traffic on the Mexico-Querétaro highway It remained active, because after 9 in the morning an accident occurred on that road, specifically at kilometer 92 towards Mexico City. It was a range car, however, there are no more details about this accident.

Obviously this has caused the row of cars on the Mexico-Querétaro highway is increasingly longer, specifically 14 kilometers, according to Capufe’s report.

“#AutMéxicoQuerétaro, km 92, direction CDMX. The accident has been attended to. Approximately 14 km of queue are recorded in the area. Drive with caution,” Capufe published through X, formerly Twitter.

Many drivers have even used social networks to recommend leaving well in advance or better to avoid. the Mexico-Querétaro highway.

Tips to prevent car accidents

It is very important that drivers take great caution when using a road, such as the Mexico-Querétaro highway. That is why you should know some tips that will help you reduce the risk of suffering a car accident:

  • Driving without distractions: When taking the wheel of a car You should not be distracted by anything, your attention should be 100% in front of the road, so it is advisable to keep your cell phone, stereos or any other object away. If you need to check something, the best option would be to get out of the way or request support from the co-pilot.
  • Don’t forget your seatbelt: To prevent accidents It is very important that the driver and all crew members use the seat belt.
  • Responsible speed: Many people may love to go full throttle, but when using your car in freeways or any other road it is very important to respect the speed limits. This will avoid the risk of accidents.
  • Car without faults: The automobiles They also require care, so you must regularly undergo mechanical checks and this will avoid any type of failure when using it.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: When driving a car You should not neglect your eyesight, since something unexpected could arise at any moment and you will have to act quickly to avoid an accident.
  • Drive without drinks: Don’t even think about driving under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, this is one of the main causes of traffic accidents.

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