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Castro congratulates rescue teams for saving a girl in Petrópolis: ‘Worth the work’ | Rio de Janeiro

Governor spent the night in the city in the Serrana Region accompanied by a team to monitor the situationreproduction

Published 03/23/2024 15:01 | Updated 03/23/2024 15:05

Rio – Governor Cláudio Castro opened the press conference on the rains, this Saturday (23), congratulating the work of the firefighters who rescued little Ayla, aged 4, on Morro da Independência, in Petrópolis, Serrana region of Rio. girl, who lost her parents, her brother and her grandmother, was found with the help of sniffer dogs around 16 hours ago after the collapse of the three-story property.

According to Castro, the work to save the child was possible with the help of the apparatus carried by the rescue forces: “Infrastructure and technology help so that we can save lives, preserve human life. I want to congratulate the agents of the The Fire Department and Civil Defense who were there spent the entire morning devoting themselves to saving this life. Any life is worth the investment, worth the work”, he commented.

In addition to the deaths in Petrópolis, four others were recorded, including two in Teresópolis, where a child and a teenager died in a landslide. The children were identified as Kayque dos Santos da Silva, aged 7, and Miguel Sampaio, aged 14. The properties where the two were staying were hit this morning.
In the Lagos Region, in Arraial do Cabo, a man died after being struck by lightning. In Santa Cruz da Serra, in the city of Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, a truck driver died after the vehicle left the roadoverturn and fall into a stream.

“More than 90 people were rescued across the state. Unfortunately, we had seven confirmed deaths. Firefighters were called to more than 111 incidents across the state, including tree cutting, landslides and landslides”, commented Castro.

Also according to Castro, the forecast that the state should have accumulated a maximum of up to 500 mm by Sunday should be confirmed. “In the last 24 hours, Petrópolis had the highest rainfall record. The accumulated rainfall exceeded 304 millimeters in the last 24 hours, which probably makes this forecast of 500 millimeters come true”, he explained.

The governor also spoke about the issue of personnel employed by the Fire Department and Civil Defense, including the cancellation of all days off for these professionals. According to Castro, there are more than 2,000 agents at work.

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