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Cillian Murphy reveals surprising text used to land massive role

Good thing he sent the message.

Cillian Murphy possibly has a text message to thank for his impressive role in Peaky Blinders.

The Oscar contender in the drama was Tommy Shelby in the series; however, he wasn’t the first choice, Deadline reports. But a little reminder to the show’s creator helped change that.

In an interview with the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, the Oppenheimer actor said, “I wasn’t the obvious choice physically. I don’t know if I convinced Stephen [Knight] in the meeting, but apparently afterwards I sent him a text that said: ‘Remember, I am an actor.’ And I do believe that. I do think it is our duty as actors to transform to whatever the part demands.”

Steven Knight, whom he references, created and wrote the series.

About Peaky Blinders

The television series was a crime drama about a family based in Birmingham, England. It started in 1919, after the end of the First World War, and focuses on the Peaky Blinders street gang run by crime boss Tommy Shelby.

It ran on the BBC for six seasons, from 2013 to 2022. Now, it’s available for streaming on Netflix.

Murphy seems ready to return to the part if it’s in the cards. “If there is more story to tell, and if Steven Knight delivers a script like I know he can, then I will be there,” he said.

The actor added, “I mean, if we want to watch 50-year-old Tommy Shelby, I will be there. Let’s do it.”

So, it’s hard to tell if the text message is what ultimately landed Cillian Murphy the gig or not. In any case, it sounds like maybe it didn’t hurt. And if Peaky Blinders does return, I doubt he’ll need to send anything to convince Knight he wants the part.

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