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Clippers star Paul George reveals why Russell Westbrook is ‘one of the best teammates’ ever

Russell Westbrook has found a new home with the Los Angeles Clippers. Following his forgettable episode with the Los Angeles Lakers, Russ is now looking to start a new chapter in his career. He’s got a great support system with his new team too, with none other than former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Paul George vouching for him.

For his part, George has nothing but good things to say about Westbrook. As a matter of fact, PG firmly believes that the media has painted a misrepresented picture of who Russ really is behind closed doors. George just wants to give his teammate the justice he deserves, so he’s now spilled on why he thinks Westbrook is a world-class dude:

“He is not what they’re painting him to be,” George said on a recent episode of his podcast. “One of the best teammates, one of the best human beings, one of the best friends. I remember in Oklahoma every day he was the first. I’ll sometimes try to beat Russ to the gym, and I’ll see his car parked. It’d be the only car too parked in our players parking lot.”

George also previously admitted that it was actually he who convinced the Clippers to sign Westbrook. PG has fond memories of his time with Russ in OKC, and the former knows that this is something that will benefit LA:

“The craziest thing what I told the team was one thing about Russ (is) that he had a special relationship with everybody on the team,” George continued. “He would have a conversation with [Steven Adams] about New Zealand stuff, rugby. And then he’ll have a conversation with me about fishing, and then he’ll have a conversation with Jerami Grant on anime. He had a connection with everybody on the team. Where you go, you get on the floor it was chemistry. This dude really, he really know me, he really rocking with me. I’m like, ‘Hell yeah I want to play for him. I’m bought in.’ I thought that was really special. Russ is a leader, man.”

Love him or hate him, what you can’t fault Russell Westbrook for is being a good teammate. Well, at least according to Paul George.



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