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Court orders Netherlands to suspend supply of parts for Israeli fighter jets | World and Science

F-35 parts belong to the US, but are stored in the NetherlandsTobias Schwarz / AFP

Published 02/12/2024 11:09 | Updated 02/12/2024 11:10

The Netherlands must stop supplying Israel with parts for the F-35 fighter jets that Israeli forces use in the Gaza Strip, a court ruled this Monday (12) following an appeal filed by human rights organizations.

Human rights associations argued in court that the delivery of these pieces contributes to alleged violations of international law by Israel in the war against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamaswhich governs Gaza.

“The court orders the State to cease any export and effective transit of F-35 parts with final destination to Israel, within seven days of notification of this decision,” ruled the Court of Appeal in The Hague.

Monday’s decision overturned a first instance decision handed down in December by a court that found that the delivery of parts is a political decision in which judges should not interfere.

The Court of Appeal considered that there is a risk that the pieces could be used in actions that violate international humanitarian law.

Furthermore, the court ruled that maintaining good relations with the United States and Israel, an issue the Dutch government believes is at stake in this case, is not an argument for continuing to export the components.

F-35 parts are owned by the United States and are stored in a warehouse in the Netherlands and from there they are shipped to several allied countries, including Israel.

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