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Cristiano Ronaldo claimed to be bigger than Manchester United

Manchester United’s decision to part ways with Cristiano Ronaldo is under fire as the Portuguese icon continues to showcase his talent

Manchester United‘s decision to part ways with Cristiano Ronaldo is under fire as the Portuguese icon continues to showcase his goal-scoring talent, reported by GOAL. Ronaldo’s explosive return to the Premier League in 2021 was short-lived, with a contract termination leading him to join Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the premature end to his second stint with United, Ronaldo left an indelible mark by scoring 27 goals in 54 appearances. In 2023, he further solidified his status as a goal-scoring phenomenon, registering an impressive 54 goals for both club and country. The decision to release Ronaldo has been questioned by former United star Anderson, who shared a house with the prolific forward during their time in England.

In an interview with Globo, Anderson expressed regret over United’s handling of Ronaldo, emphasizing his enduring impact: “When Cristiano came back… man, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Protect him. Today Cristiano has 50 goals. ‘Ah, but it’s in Saudi Arabia,’ but he has 50 goals! Out of three chances, he will make two, that’s a fact. And whoever plays against him is afraid.”

Anderson highlighted Ronaldo’s significant contribution during a challenging phase for Manchester United: “Ronaldo arrived at a time when Manchester was under construction, and he scored 25 goals. And then he left.” The criticism suggests that United’s attack has lacked inspiration since Ronaldo’s departure.

While United attempts to fill the void left by Ronaldo, the Portuguese star continues to make headlines, albeit in Saudi Arabia. Currently nursing an injury that kept him out of a friendly against Inter Miami, Ronaldo’s impact is evident, raising questions about the decision to release him from Old Trafford.

As United grapples with the aftermath, new attacking options like Rasmus Hojlund are emerging, yet the shadow of Ronaldo’s prolific contributions looms large over the club’s recent struggles.

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