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Deion Sanders Exposes Daughter Shelomi’s Tactics To Extract Money From Him: “I Know My Kids Like the back Of My Hand”

In the world of football, Deion Sanders‘ role as a father has stood out like none other. Even though he is a man of many endeavors, he keeps track of his children’s progress, even publicly through efforts like power rankings. Talking about his children, Sanders recently claimed how despite their excellence, they never shy away from exploiting him. One such incident about Shelomi Sanders made it to the recent press conferences on Buffaloes’ Spring Ball Media Day event.

During his latest press conference uploaded by BuffStampedeDotCom amidst spring practice, Coach Prime candidly revealed his daughter’s attempt to derive money from him. He recounted his latest interaction with daughter Shelomi Sanders with a pinch of salt while revealing her subtle tactics. Starting with his story, Coach Prime said,

“I pretty much know my kids like the back of my hand. My daughter, she just came to meet me right after practice with a big smile and a hug and that meant she needed some money for the trip.”


Despite making a casual conversation, Sanders quickly decoded his daughter’s intentions especially as she rushed to dress for a party. However, jokes apart, Deion Sanders has been a pillar of support for all his children. This includes Deiondra Sanders, who was going through a strained relationship with Jacquees per reports. However, she has been committed to making the most of her time as a pregnant mother, while inspiring aspiring mothers.

Shelomi Sanders Plays Coy While Asking Money From Dad Deion

Not only did Deion Sanders expose Shelomi on his press conference but he also released the video of their conversation on Instagram. Just like a typical daughter, Shelomi was seen in that video playfully approaching her dad with the intention of extracting money from him, but Deion clearly saw it coming.

“She ain’t got no lashes on so guess what?” Deion said. “She wants some money.”

However, falling for the trap, Deion couldn’t help but ask how much money she needed. This led to his eldest daughter Deiondra Sanders reacting as she commented, “If that’s all it take. Imma taking mine off tonight lol.”

Coach Prime also mentioned in the caption of the post about how hard it is for fathers to deny their daughters some cash when they ask for it by setting up a cute trap. There is no doubt that Deion Sanders embodies a perfect father figure who despite ranking his own kids, never fails to take care of each of them.

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