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Deion Sanders Raves About a “Nasty” Fight That Broke Out During Spring Practice: “In a Day That We’re Not Even Padded”

Deion Sanders is famously working to bring together a better team of talented players from all corners of the country. Ahead of the 2024 season, as the spring practices hit off, his efforts witnessed an intense moment reinforcing his belief. Speaking at the Buffaloes’ Spring Ball Media Day event, Coach Prime couldn’t hide his excitement about a scuffle between the teammates without their full gear on.

Colorado Buffaloes presented an improved front but lacked the intensity last season. However, as the conclusion wore down, Sanders updated his roster adding more firepower to the Buffs. Narrating the ‘nasty’ fight they put via video uploaded by BuffStampedeDotCom, Coach Prime highlighted it as a show of competitive spirit.

“Those kids are just fierce, man,” Sanders exclaimed. Despite not endorsing fights, Sanders acknowledged the intensity, saying, “You’ve got that competitive spirit in you, man,” emphasizing the fiery nature of the players.

Following the start of Colorado football’s spring practices, the practice session introduced some new faces to Boulder, including transfers Preston Hodge and LaJohntay Wester. Phil Loadholt, the team’s new offensive line coach, commended the players for upholding the standards set forth per reports from Coloradoan. Amidst the excitement of spring practices, Colorado football fans have plenty to look forward to. However, the latest update about Sanders’ upcoming drill shall be viewed closely.

Deion Sanders’ Next Drill Sparks Anticipation Amongst CU Fans

In the conference at the Champion Center, the latest update about Sanders’ upcoming drill drew close attention. Deion Sanders, while talking about the third spring practice on Friday, hinted at an intense session ahead, revealing plans to suit up for practice.

Coach Prime said, “We’re on practice three on Friday. I think we’re going pad up Friday. I think two practices then you can hit each other. I have a feeling it’s going to go down Friday. I really do. We might have to have police out there Friday. It’s going down Friday, I promise you that. These guys are a little different,” Sanders remarked.

While there is anticipation for an upcoming lively session, Deion Sanders also reflected on the previous season. Sanders while reiterating his confidence in his team’s abilities, talked about what went south in 2023.

“Did you expect too much of them last year? No, I didn’t. I knew my team. I knew them. I knew what we had. I knew what we didn’t have,” he explained.

Deion Sanders also acknowledged the need for improvement, suggesting that better situational planning could have enhanced their success.

“I think truly we could have put them in better situations to be successful. I think everybody, including the staff, wasn’t built for the noise,” Sanders elaborated.

Deion Sanders who brought tremendous national attention and a $113 million inflow to Boulder is well aware of the ‘noise’ that surrounded the Buffs. Understanding the pressure and challenges faced throughout the season, he suggested that not everyone was equipped to handle the moment’s demands. However, with more firepower, better planning, newer coaches, and prospects now joining hands at CU, there is nothing but hope in the air.

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