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DeMarcus Cousins Recalls Story When John Wall Pranked Him: "John's Such An A**hole"

DeMarcus Cousins recently shared a hilarious yet slightly frustrating story about his former teammate and friend, John Wall, during an appearance on ‘Run It Back TV.’ Cousins recounted the time when Wall pulled off a prank on him that left him both amused and annoyed.

“Man, John’s such an a**hole. But yeah, you know, he played a nice joke on me right the day before, you know, John was, you know, super hype player coming out. So, um, deservingly so I don’t want to say that in a disrespectful way, but deservingly so.” 

“So, uh, he was one of the last guys to announce. So, you know, leading up, you know, I thought we were on the same page. We’re going to well at the time. And Jon was one of the last guys to announce where he would go, you know.”

“So he called me right before the announcement, like, yo, I’m gonna go to Duke. And he just hung up. I called him like ten times, like, no answer, no answer. He finally texts back. This is how much I asked. He texts me back, like, I’m just f***ing with you.”

In his typical candid manner, Cousins didn’t hold back in his assessment of Wall’s mischievous nature, labeling him as “such an a**hole” before delving into the prank itself. As Cousins recounted, the prank occurred on the day before Wall’s highly anticipated announcement regarding his college choice.

Given Wall’s status as a highly regarded prospect at the time, Cousins explained that there was a significant buildup leading to his decision. Cousins, assuming they were on the same page, likely expected Wall to choose a particular school, only for Wall to keep him in suspense until the last moment.

In a playful yet exasperating move, Wall decided to call Cousins right before making his announcement and declared that he was going to Duke University, a prestigious basketball program. However, instead of providing clarity, Wall abruptly ended the call, leaving Cousins bewildered and trying to reach him multiple times.

With each unanswered call, Cousins’s anticipation likely grew, only to be met with frustration when Wall finally responded with a text message that revealed the prank. In his text, Wall bluntly admitted that he was “just f***ing with” Cousins, leaving him to grapple with the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanied the joke.

Despite the annoyance that Cousins may have felt in the moment, it’s evident from his retelling of the story that he can appreciate the humor and camaraderie behind Wall’s prank. Such anecdotes offer a glimpse into the playful dynamics that often exist within the close-knit bonds of teammates, showcasing the lighter side of professional basketball relationships.

DeMarcus Cousins Not Begging His Way Back Into The NBA

DeMarcus Cousins, the four-time NBA All-Star, recently opened up about his basketball journey and his desire to return to the NBA during an appearance on the ‘All the Smoke’ podcast. Despite currently playing in Taiwan for the Beer Leopards, Cousins remains optimistic about his ability to contribute to an NBA team, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining his physical condition and basketball IQ.

“I could play this game till I’m 40, bro. Just, with the way I play the game. I understand the game, I’ve never really relied on athleticism, I don’t get a lot of credit for it, for whatever reason. But I’ve also tried to use my IQ to get me through the game. But, I think I got a lot left in the tank, I can help a lot of teams.”

“I’m also in this space where I’mma go where I’m wanted and appreciated, you know what I mean? So uh, you know, I ain’t begging or kissing a** to make nothing happen.” (5:33)

The 33-year-old center expressed confidence in his longevity, asserting that he could continue playing until the age of 40 due to his understanding of the game and reliance on basketball intelligence rather than pure athleticism. While acknowledging his past injury challenges, Cousins highlighted his impressive performance in Taiwan, averaging 22 points per game with efficient shooting percentages.

However, Cousins made it clear that he wouldn’t compromise his principles or self-worth in his pursuit of an NBA return. He emphasized the importance of feeling wanted and appreciated by potential NBA teams, stating that he wouldn’t resort to begging or kissing up to secure a roster spot. Despite his desire to return to the NBA, Cousins remains steadfast in his refusal to compromise his dignity or integrity.

Reflecting on his tumultuous NBA journey, Cousins expressed frustration with the lack of transparency from teams regarding his status and opportunities. Despite his undeniable talent and contributions to various NBA franchises over the years, Cousins felt disillusioned by the absence of straightforward communication from league executives.

Ultimately, Cousins’ decision to continue his basketball career in Taiwan demonstrates his resilience and determination to keep playing the game he loves. While he remains hopeful for a potential NBA comeback, Cousins is prepared to make the most of his opportunities wherever they may arise, prioritizing his self-respect and integrity above all else.

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