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Dengue: bulletin points to a downward trend in indicators in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

Mosquito that transmits dengue fever: the state is experiencing an epidemic of the diseaseDisclosure / SES

Published 03/23/2024 12:50 | Updated 03/23/2024 12:54

Rio – The Dengue Panorama, released by the State Department of Health (SES), shows that the state of Rio de Janeiro has a downward trend in probable cases of the disease. The number of patients seen in the state network’s Emergency Care Units (UPAs) fell from 11,904 to 9,966, which represents a drop of 16%. Across the state, there are 62 recorded deaths, with more than 157,000 probable cases and more than 4,300 hospitalizations.

The Middle Paraíba region, the first to show a worsening of the epidemiological situation, saw a reduction in the number of cases for the second consecutive edition of the bulletin. The Central-South and Metropolitan regions (Capital and Baixada Fluminense) also showed a decrease in records of the disease. The evaluation takes into account data recorded between February 18th and March 9th, which correspond to epidemiological weeks (SE) 8 and 10.

The bulletin prepared by the Health Intelligence Center (CIS) of SES-RJ also points out that no consistent increase in the bed occupancy rate was identified during the period considered. The Dengue Panorama’s distinguishing feature is the use of an epidemiological calculation model known as nowcasting, which takes into account the delay in inserting data into the surveillance system. Based on the analysis model, the secretariat estimates that more than 24 thousand new cases must still be registered for the period.

“Although the indicators show a downward trend, it is important that the population remains attentive to care and also to signs and symptoms that may arise. Dengue is a febrile, acute and very dynamic disease. Therefore, the need for medical monitoring to prevent worsening of conditions and, mainly, deaths”, recommends the Secretary of State for Health, Claudia Mello.

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