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Did Andy Reid Ever Play in the NFL During His Football Career?

Andy Reid, fresh off his third Super Bowl win as a head coach, has become one of the most appreciated coaches for leading the Kansas City Chiefs. He is the only coach in the NFL to have won more than 100 matches, which shall now include two times wins over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. But as fans celebrate his coaching achievements, his time as a player himself comes to mind.

Surprisingly, Andy Reid, who has a coaching career of 32 years, never played in the NFL. But his love for football sprang during college when he used his talent on the gridiron. As a standout offensive tackle at Glendale Community College in Glendale, California, Reid planned to transfer to Stanford. He injured his knee, which caused him to settle for BYU, under the hope that he would convince Randy Tidwell to accompany him.

Reid’s college football career continued at Brigham Young University (BYU), where he played alongside notable teammates like Jim McMahon and Tom Holmoe. Although injuries limited his playing time, Reid’s analytical approach to the game earned him respect among his peers. Displaying his talent, he became a part of BYU’s 1980 Holiday Bowl victory during his senior year.

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While Reid may not have won any awards as a player, his transition to a coach has been remarkable. His impactful time in the coaching line at his alma mater BYU gave way to a glorious resume.

Andy Reid: Busting Skepticism with His Coaching Career

Andy Reid’s path to coaching was not a predetermined one. It was LaVell Edwards, Reid’s college coach at BYU, who recognized his potential and suggested coaching as a career. Maneuvering over to put his analytical skills to use, Reid entered the coaching world. He worked as a graduate assistant on the coaching staff at BYU for starters.

Here, he had notable mentors like Doug Scovil, Norm Chow, and Mike Holmgren. Over the next nine years, Reid served as an offensive line coach at various colleges. These included some of the best teams like the University of Northern Arizona and the University of Texas.

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Following a decade of learning, it was his tenure with the Green Bay Packers that kickstarted his career as an NFL coaching genius. Hired by Mike Holmgren in 1992, Reid developed the Packers’ offense, particularly alongside quarterback Brett Favre. His contributions as the assistant offensive and tight ends coach helped lead the Packers to victory in Super Bowl XXXI.

Reid transitioned to the Philadelphia Eagles as their head coach in 1999. Despite initial skepticism from some in the media, Reid quickly proved as a turnaround for the Eagles, guiding them to multiple playoff appearances. He made it to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, on a five-year contract as their head coach. Throughout his coaching career, Reid has continued to prove himself. He earned numerous accolades, including three Super Bowl championships and an AP Coach of the Year honor, three Sporting News Coach of the Year to name a few.

From his humble beginning to his current status as one of the top coaches in NFL history, the Chiefs’ head coach has been his team’s strength. He is usually spotted defending his team with the media, being one of the most balanced coaches. Moreover, now that he has led two different teams to four consecutive conference championships, his struggle over the years glimmers with wins on the Kansas City Chiefs record.

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