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Dillon Brooks reacts to Klay Thompson’s ‘4 rings’ taunt after Grizzlies win

Dillon Brooks couldn’t care less about Klay Thompson’s trash talking at the end of the Memphis Grizzlies’ blowout of the Golden State Warriors on Saturday.

When the Warriors were losing to the Grizzlies big time, Thompson was caught on camera talking trash at the Memphis bench by counting one to four with his fingers–basically telling their opponents that he has four rings to their zero.

Sure enough, Brooks–who has been mocking the Warriors in every opportunity he gets–played it down and noted that it was only a “friendly trash talk.” He is well aware that they haven’t won anything yet, but that remains their goal. However, he also couldn’t help but fire a rebuttal of his own at Thompson.

He’s got four rings, that’s all he was saying. Our motivation is, we want a ring,” Brooks said, per Parker Flemming of SB Nation.

He then added, “I just hold a lot of real estate over there in San Francisco.”

For what it’s worth, Dillon Brooks didn’t need to respond to the antics of the Warriors star at all. Their fans already did it for them. After the video of Klay Thompson boasting his four rings went viral, Grizzlies supporters were quick to pile on him and mock his tiresome trash talk. Many argued that it’s a clear proof the current Dubs have nothing to be proud of that they are just looking back at their past wins.

Unfortunately for everyone, the Grizzlies-Warriors series is over and the two teams split it 2-2. The next time they could face each other is in the playoffs, though that’s if Golden State makes it.

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