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Draymond Green Has Parting Words For Kevin Durant After Game-Saving Stop In Warriors Win

In Kevin Durant’s latest return to Chase Center, things got intense on the court with his former teammate Draymond Green. While Dray is known for his over-the-top theatrics, he took things to another level on Saturday as he shouted some words in the direction of Kevin Durant after a game-savings stop at the end of the game.

Durant finished with 24 points on the night, but it was Steph who stole the show in San Fransisco. He dropped 30 points to lead the Warriors to the win, including a ridiculous last-minute, turnaround three-pointer that won the game in the closing seconds. It was just the latest masterpiece for Curry and he’s been proving all season long that he’s still capable of being the best player on a championship team. The win tonight put the Warriors back at .500 on the season and keeps them firmly in the play-in bracket in the West. 

Meanwhile, for the Suns, they have looked good of late with their stars fully healthy. But with inconsistent play from the supporting cast and lackluster defensive personnel, there are serious questions if the Suns have what it takes to win another championship as presently constructed. The problem is, with Durant at 35 years old, the Suns don’t have time to wait to get better and they need to achieve the desired results immediately. 

As recently as 2019, it was Durant who was on the other side of these crazy Stephen Curry moments but now he’s the one looking on in defeat as Draymond Green chirps in his ear. While the two have reportedly squashed their beef, it’s no secret that they have an extensive history together that may have played a hand in why the Sins/Warriors game was so intense tonight.

What Happened Between Draymond Green And Kevin Durant?

The story with Kevin Durant and the Warriors involves many moving parts, but there is no denying that Draymond played a role in both how it started and ended. It was Green who originally called Duran after losing the 2016 Finals, and one could say that it was Green who led the charge in recruiting him to the Warriors. But after winning two championships together in 2017 and 2018, the relationship between the pair suffered irreparable damage during their third season together. In the middle of a game, the two got into an extremely heated debate and Green apparently insulted Durant with words that he’ll never forget. Durant left the Warriors that summer and he would later admit that Draymond had a part to play in his departure.

Today, while the Warriors have seen more success than the Suns have, they are on completely different trajectories. Currently, the Warriors are on a downward trend and consistently rely on Stephen Curry’s brilliance to bail them out of tough situations. But tonight was sweet revenge for Draymond in a win against the guy who jumped shall those years ago. Overall, while the Suns are in a much better position with a much better record, it’s hard not to think about the success Durant could’ve had if he never left Steph, Draymond, and the Warriors. Now, he may have no choice but to fight his way through them on the path to the NBA Finals this season.

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