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Eduardo Verástegui, from soap opera heartthrob to far-right politician: This was his ‘transformation’

There are some celebrities who decide to make a leap from entertainment to politics, such as Eduardo Verasteguiwho has stated your interest in being an independent candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

In early September, Eduardo Verastegui went to the headquarters of the National Electoral Institute (INE) to express his intentions to compete in the 2024 elections and to deliver the necessary documents for registration.

Through his social networks he has also shared his interest in the political career in which politicians will participate as Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvez.

Eduardo Verástegui has participated in various soap operas.

Who is Eduardo Verástegui?

José Eduardo Verastegui Córdoba, known only by his middle name and first surname, is an actor, producer and far-right politician who He was born in 1974 and is originally from Tamaulipas.

Despite being recognized for his work as an actor, Eduardo Verástegui’s artistic career began in 1993 with the musical band called Kairorecognized for singles like ‘Háblale de mi’ and ‘Dile que la amo’.

Kairo also composed some of the songs for the soap opera My dear Isabel 1996, two years later Eduardo Verástegui debuted in acting with his participation in A light on the road (1998) in which he shared credits with Veronica Merchant.

Eduardo Verástegui presented the film 'Sound of Freedom'.

Since that incursion, Verástegui left the world of music to get into the performance with productions like Dreamers (1998), Three women (1999), Rebellious soul (1999).

Likewise, Eduardo Verástegui has managed to reach the cinema with some productions. His most recent project is Sound of Freedom that has been subject to different controversies.

How did Eduardo Verástegui start in politics?

Actually, Eduardo Verastegui is not yet considered a politician, since so far he has not had no public office in the government of Mexico.

On different occasions, Eduardo Verástegui has shared on his social networks his position against abortion and in favor of traditional values. In 2010, he founded an organization called Mantle of Guadalupe which is responsible for serving vulnerable populations and has faced rumors about alleged money diversions.

Four years later, he founded another organization called Let’s be Heroes, which seeks to promote teachings of traditional values. In 2019 he formed the Viva México movement, which is currently the medium he uses for his independent campaign.

Eduardo Verástegui produces and acts in 'Sounds of freedom'.  (Photo: YouTube / @Angel Studios)

Although the actor and producer has not revealed the reason behind his position, on some occasions he has explained that at some point in his life he experienced a philosophical conversion due to advice he gave me. English teacher.

“She was an irresponsible person and she hurt many women… she was the older sister I never had (her English teacher),” the actor explained in conversation with cnn.

He assured that after his teacher questioned him about his way of being, he decided to make a change in his life.

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