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Elisa Lucinda criticizes provisional freedom granted to Daniel Alves on bail: ‘Scorn’ | Celebrities

Elisa Lucinda Disclosure/Jonathan Estrella

Published 03/21/2024 10:54

Rio – Actress, singer and writer Elisa Lucinda, 66, used social media this Wednesday to speak out about the decision of the Barcelona Court to grant provisional freedom to former player Daniel Alves if he pays bail of 1 million euros (R$5.4 million), to escape the rape conviction. The athlete, sentenced to more than four years, was imprisoned for 14 months for raping a woman in a nightclub.
“Attention, Brazilian Justice, Spain, with the freedom for Daniel Alves, is raping the victim again. Scorn. Please, do not omit yourself in the case of the other Brazilian player already convicted of the same crime. The punishment is pedagogical in these cases. Impunity protects the aggressor. Enough!”, wrote the artist, who played the character Marlene, in the soap opera “Vai na Fé”, on TV Globo, referring to Robinho’s case.

The former player was sentenced, in 2022, in Italy to nine years in prison for the crime of group sexual violence against a young woman of Albanian origin. The case took place in 2013. Last Wednesday (20), the Special Court of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decided that he must serve his sentence on Brazilian soil.

“Money cleans crime, lady justice?”, declared Elisa, who also made a request: “Men, athletes or not, protest against the release of rapist players! Our children are in the room. These villains are their idols. Rich and with access to monetary justice for the privileged, they laugh without regret. They blame the victim, lie and ruin lives”, he warned.

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