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“Elly Schlein and the godfathers of the Democratic Party” – Libero Quotidiano

The director John Minolijournalist, author of historical Italian TV programs – from mixers to Face to face — and serial interviewer is today’s guest at Terraverse, the Libero podcast. “The arrival of two women, Melons as Chairman of the Board e Schlein as secretary of the Democratic Party, she marks a profound turning point for Italy”, Minoli begins, “if both succeed in interpreting the country through their own ideas, it will be a Copernican revolution. They are two women who arrived alone.”

The journalist has a very specific idea about the latest statements by Silvio Berlusconi about the war in Ukraine: “I don’t think it was a passing sentence, it’s a strategic line. Berlusconi is also a dreamer, he still imagines re-editing what he had done at Pratica di Mare”. And he continues: “Meloni’s allies are not a problem, they exist Matthew Renzi And Charles Calenda at the door. After the Cav. it is difficult to imagine a successor for Forza Italia and those votes will go somewhere … “. And on Elly Schlein:” she has made a journey, she is not the daughter of a laboratory as it is written, but she has a story. But when she gets in power she changes, I don’t know if she will be able to free the Pd by its historical godfathers”.

Has Italy not come to terms with fascism? “No, if it was done at Mussolini a trial instead of piazzale Loreto perhaps we would have avoided so many hypocrisies. This constant search for the scapegoat solves all problems and clears consciences, but it’s not true”, explains Minoli, “the same technique was used with Bettino Craxi”.

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