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Endless power – El Financiero

The fifth horseman is a figure of recognized existence and presence in most of humanity’s catastrophes. The world is more aware of the four horsemen, although it is when the fifth horseman appears that the situation ends up being a complete disaster. Being days away from starting the electoral campaigns – and continuing the campaign that began in 2006 with the same idea, the same protagonist and the same intention –, it can clearly be seen that there are no two plans or clues in the circus… there is only one. And, regardless of coming and going, holding rallies, kissing children or the endless habit of promising social support – all enshrined as constitutional rights – the true campaign consists of definitively ending what is for the President López Obrador the biggest culprit for all the misfortunes of his life.

Neoliberals and neoliberalism. In the eyes of the Mexican leader, this outdated and decadent system, accustomed to measuring people’s lives by elements as clear as their academic records or the achievements obtained in their lives, is the real culprit that the country has been bled dry, scammed, robbed and martyred. For López Obrador, those who preceded him and put into practice this type of government based on an ideology and system that simply has no place in his administration, are the source of all Mexican evils. In his government there are no ones responsible for the misfortunes other than all those who go against him or against his fourth transformation. In his administration there is no one more responsible for everything that in his eyes could seem like a divine salvation than his own figure. He is the beginning and the end. With him a new history began in our country and, given what we have seen, it will not end until he decides so.

However, the data – the others – reflect a completely different reality than the one in which, morning after morning, the President seeks to convince Mexicans that we suffer the consequences of his actions. Medicines have disappeared, violence has risen to unimaginable limits and order and laws are increasingly absent and waiting for their correct application. With its initiatives, elimination of programs and reform proposals, little by little it has sought to have an increasing number of poor people dependent on public welfare. What it is about here is surviving with a clear ideological and spiritual concept, which means fighting – fortunately only for the moment and we hope that this will continue to be the case, except with respect to the issue of organized crime – only in a dialectical way against the enemies.

Who are the enemies of López Obrador and this regime? The decadent, the lapsed and all those who have been trained under the protection of laws and a system that prevented the establishment of everything that the leader of the people wanted to achieve in the healthy, wise and free people. Whoever holds power in Mexico sees himself as a kind of savior who came to break the chains that oppressed the Mexican people and take them along a path, although not one of development or growth, but along a path led and marked by the divine finger of their leader.

At this point it is not necessary to question much about candidate Sheinbaum’s opinion and point of view on what is happening on the eve of the elections. We assume – and that is a condition of the game – that she thinks in exactly the same direction that is indicated to her. And the thing is, otherwise, that would mean one of two things: either it defends all the projects presented on the afternoon of February 5 – Mexican Constitution Day – as the largest legal structural change proposed in recent years in our country. ; Or it would mean that the President made a mistake in appointing her; Or, she will be wrong if she does not follow to the letter, at least in the first year, what has been imposed on her as the government campaign program, her life and her existence.

We must be equal to be able to withdraw our checks from Banco del Bienestar. We are going to create a system where, imagine it, among us we will have to choose the judges and who will be responsible for applying justice in our country. There is no possibility of campaigning outside of what is dictated, this is what there is and there is nowhere or what to choose. Either the parameters and proposals are followed almost as if they were the 10 commandments given by Jehovah to Moses, or one will really be eaten by the pit of those who continue to worship the golden calf, just as happened when Moses freed his son. town.

While this plays out on one front, what is everyone else doing? To begin with, they cannot continue to sink into the game, the script or the use of words imposed on them by someone who is so clear in their heads that his six-year term, his politics and what he offers is total change and complete destruction. of the system that brought us to this point. We all want to change for the better, the problem is that either Mexican humanism – as cataloged by the President – ​​truly triumphs and we New Mexicans are capable of overcoming the sins of pride, greed and lust, or imagine what it would mean. when among the citizens we have to choose the judge who will have to judge us.

What can we do in the face of such a great challenge? There is only one way and there is only one remedy. If you agree, defend it. If you are against, go, oppose and run a campaign truly explaining what the counterpart’s proposals mean, but, above all, express the will for change at the polls on June 2.

Regardless of what it means to play with such marked cards and under the fact that, in the end, the campaign and the program will be the one promulgated by President López Obrador on February 5 and there is nothing new to offer, the great The question to ask yourself is: when is the disconnection scheduled? That is if it has been thought that there will be some type of dissociation between the person chosen to be the candidate and the person who chose her. What is the capacity and freedom of play of the face on the poster to be president in the midst of such a closed and radical program? Could it be that he is not going to fulfill it? We must not deny the President’s political astuteness, he has always been the most astute. Now he has to use that cunning for several things, not all of them easy.

The first thing that López Obrador has to ensure is that, in these months and once his mandate ends, there is not the logical back-and-forth of political demands that can normally occur in a change like this. Second and very important, he has to manage to keep the American lion entertained and tamed. López Obrador could really agree with Donald Trump – in part – on the final destiny of the election on November 5, for which it would be enough for him to open the border to flood, drown and precipitate the Democratic government and Biden off the cliff. The problem is who can give him more personal guarantees, whether Trump – who already knows what he is like – or Biden who, however, if he wins again he will have more capacity to guarantee than in principle – and despite what he Trump promises – it can be given.

In any case, the clouds that are projected over the two elections, so interrelated with each other, are forming what is the cluster of storms. On the one hand, we must see how far, when and how candidate Sheinbaum endures and to what extent to serve a greater good – which in this case is the political program of President López Obrador – she is willing to be only a servant of the Lord. . On the other hand, for the other election, little by little on the way to becoming almost the same elections, it will be necessary to see how much the situation of open conflict endures – internal in the first instance, but also with external repercussions and interference – in the face of a president who , without being one and with only the desire to return to occupy the Oval Office, will have the immigration issue as a key element. Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have to decipher in the coming months how they will address the important issue of migration in their campaign speeches. Despite the agreement reached between Democrats and Republicans on the immigration issue, a decision to blow up the efforts made would be enough for the entire panorama to change. Simply put, in the end it’s all about destruction.

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