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Energy Cluster calls for free market policy – ​​El Financiero

The Nuevo León Energy Cluster yesterday launched a call to have a free market policy, strengthen the rule of law to reduce fuel smuggling and for free competition in electrical energy, which will translate into low energy prices for the consumers.

“What we are requesting is that we really have a free market energy public policy, first with permits and second with aspects for imports, but today we have a significant dependency on gas and fuel consumption with Texas. Furthermore, it is very important that we strengthen the rule of law, that is, the application of the law, and this is transversal and very important, because we have a huge aspect of fuel theft,” said Alain Duthoy, partner at Lexoil Consultores.

He added that, “a free market policy, in the hydrocarbon aspect, can greatly strengthen the economy and the industry to also strengthen the rule of law, which is why it is important that we change or strengthen the measurement and contribution scheme, since “This is affecting the industry, in two ways, those who do have permission and the air quality in terms of poor quality fuels.”

Jorge Arrambide, partner at the Santos Elizondo Firm, highlighted that Mexico, as a mixed economy, has the right to private sector participation in the energy sector.

“This means that speaking of the energy sector, we have the right as a private sector to participate, and in activities that are reserved for the state, they should only be the state’s, such as public service and transmission, the distribution of electrical energy. or the planning and control of the electrical system, totally agree, but where it is not exclusive, such as in generation and marketing, they should let us participate because the constitution says so.

“It is necessary that the law be applied, and when they allow us to participate, there must be a level playing field of free competition, since if we participate as a private sector we can compete and we will have very good results because the risks are assumed by the private sector, the It will also assume profit because this risk and everything will affect low prices for electricity and fuel, which is what all our families want,” said Arrambide.

For her part, María Valencia, partner at Seisa Energía, said that we must turn to observe and analyze all the generation of information that has been done by state energy agencies.

“They have been very proactive and have already studied issues of new technologies here in Nuevo León (NL), some agencies have even already carried out new projects, such as green hydrogen, it would be good for this to serve as an example to make a regulation in this regard.

Valencia also requested to resume international collaboration because that is where there are great opportunities.

“This is how other countries have sought to approach federal entities, since they are the ones that receive the information, along with state agencies, in order to, in this way, take up the issue of new technologies, and not leave that the private sector is the only one proactive, but rather that it is seen as a result of planning to analyze benefits and needs,” Valencia explained.

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