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Epic Games Store Reveals Free Game For March 28, 2024

Epic Games Store enriches digital collections with a new free game on March 28, promising exciting adventures for gamers.Epic Games

The Epic Games Store has unveiled its free game for March 28, 2024, continuing its tradition of offering free titles to gamers every Thursday at 10 AM CT. This initiative allows gamers to expand their digital libraries with a variety of titles, ranging from indie gems to major blockbusters, fostering a diverse gaming community.

Epic Games Store: Current Free Titles And Upcoming Wholesome Adventure

As of now, the Epic Games Store is offering two games for free: Call of the Wild: The Angler and Invincible Presents: Atom Eve. These titles are available at no cost to users until March 28, after which they will remain in the users’ libraries indefinitely. While Call of the Wild: The Angler has received a mix of reviews for its fishing simulation gameplay, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve has been praised, particularly for its connection to the popular “Invincible” TV series on Amazon Prime.

Replacing these games on March 28 will be Islets, a Metroidvania game noted for its wholesome content, hand-drawn graphics, and engaging storytelling. With characters that charm and a story that captivates, Islets provides an adventure that has been warmly received by both critics and fans alike. Offering an average playtime of 7.5 hours, it promises a compact yet rewarding experience.

The announcement of Islets as the upcoming free game has been met with enthusiasm, as the Epic Games Store’s weekly free games have become a highly anticipated event among the gaming community. This regular introduction of new titles keeps the platform fresh and engaging for its users.

Full List Of Epic Games Store Free Games March 2024

Epic Games Store Reveals Free Game For March 28, 2024

  • Call of the Wild: The Angler (March 21 – March 28)
  • Invincible Presents: Atom Eve (March 21 – March 28)
  • Islets (March 28 – April 4)

Looking beyond Islets, the next free game will be announced on April 4, replacing Islets in the free game rotation. Although the identity of this next game remains under wraps, there is widespread anticipation, particularly following the announcement that the classic Fallout series—including Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel—will be offered for free on the Epic Games Store later in the year. This news has led to speculation among gamers that these iconic titles might be featured in the free game lineup to coincide with the debut of the Fallout TV series on Amazon. However, this remains speculative until the official announcement is made next week.

Fallout Speculation And The Power Of Free Games

The Epic Games Store’s strategy of offering free games has proven to be a win-win for both the platform and its users. Gamers have the opportunity to try out new titles they might not have otherwise considered, leading to potential new favorites, while the platform benefits from increased traffic and engagement. This approach also provides developers with a unique opportunity to showcase their games to a wider audience, potentially increasing interest and sales for other titles they offer.

As the gaming community looks forward to the reveal of the next free game, speculation and excitement continue to build. The possibility of having the Fallout series available for free has particularly captured the imagination of gamers, who are eager to revisit these beloved titles or experience them for the first time.

The Epic Games Store’s commitment to offering a diverse selection of free games ensures that there is something for everyone, from casual players to hardcore gamers. As we move closer to March 28 and the subsequent weeks, the gaming community remains attentive, ready to add new titles to their collections and experience the varied worlds that these games offer.

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