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explosive indiscretions – Libero Quotidiano

Like every Sunday, here it warms up the engines Massimo Giletti for its It’s not the Arena, broadcast on La7 starting at 21.15. And meanwhile filter the anticipations on what we will see in today’s episodeMarch 19.

First of all, also on this occasion, a focus on the mafia, in the crosshairs Matthew Messina Money, the boss of bosses arrested on February 7th. It is not the Arena, in fact, it has long been a point of reference for insights into the mafia and Cosa nostra: Giletti will still listen to the woman friend of Messina Denaro, the woman who he had shared the hospital journey with the boss in the fight against cancer. Like her, the lady continues to claim that she was completely unaware of the identity of Messina Denaro, who was hiding behind the false name Andrea Bonafede.

So we will also take care of Laura Bonafede, the teacher accused of hiding the boss’s fugitive: she is the daughter of the boss Bonafede and wife of the boss Gentile. And again, among Giletti’s guests, there is also the super-repentant Gaspare Mutolo.

But a It’s not the Arena we will not only talk about the mafia: then, also a long political parenthesis. And among the guests of this segment, an unusual name pops up: that of Marco Travagliodirector of the Everyday occurrence, and certainly not a frequent visitor to Giletti’s studios. In short, face to face between Giletti and Travaglio, two polar opposite journalists: a duel that promises sparks. Among the other guests also Luca Telese, Massimo Russo and Sandra Amurri.

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