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F1 Twitter Assumes Christian Horner To Be in Deep Mess After Red Bull Launches Independent Investigation: “Must Be Really Serious”

Following an impressive F1 season for Red Bull, Christian Horner seems to have landed him in deep waters. Reports suggest that the Austrian drinks brand as the parent company of RBR has launched an independent internal inquiry about their team boss. The unexpected spread of the news on Twitter has triggered speculation among F1 enthusiasts. Additionally, this has prompted many to contemplate the potential seriousness of the issue.

According to a report from The Telegraph, Christian Horner is facing allegations of inappropriate conduct, especially towards a specific member of the Red Bull Racing team. Surprisingly, Red Bull’s boss, Oliver Mintzlaff, is also aware of the allegations surrounding Horner and is taking decisive actions in response.

Although the specific details of Horner’s actions have not been disclosed publicly, an external barrister is said to be investigating the matter. As the situation has escalated to this extent, numerous F1 fans are flooding social media platforms with their reactions.

One of the fans even wrote, “Must be REALLY serious, otherwise they would have sorted it out behind closed doors, and we wouldn’t have any clue about it.”

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Another fan pointed out the engagement of an external lawyer, emphasizing that the situation is undeniably significant.

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Has Red Bull treated Helmut Marko more leniently in similar situations than they did in Christian Horner’s case?

Both Helmut Marko and Christian Horner have played crucial roles in establishing Red Bull as a successful team. However, the current situation surrounding Horner has sparked concerns about his treatment within the team.

The reason for this concern stems from the fact that Helmut Marko has made several controversial comments, including racially insensitive remarks. Yet Red Bull has not taken stringent actions against him.

For example, last year, Marko made a xenophobic remark about Sergio Perez. During that time, Marko said that due to Checo’s South American nationality, (which was factually inaccurate), he struggles to concentrate and focus as much as Verstappen or other European drivers.

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Following this, despite objections from even Hamilton, Red Bull did not take any measures against Marko. However, given Red Bull’s strict investigation in Horner’s situation, it suggests that the issue is more intricate.

Nevertheless, if the situation takes an unfavorable turn for Horner, it could lead to his departure from the team. This potential outcome may result in internal instability and interfere with Red Bull’s strategic plans. Moreover, considering that the team’s public image is already facing scrutiny because of the controversy, Horner’s exit could amplify the damage.

The team’s official statement does not provide clear details. It asserts they will complete the investigation at the earliest. Moreover, it is deemed inappropriate to provide further comments on the matter at this time.

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