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Fernando Alonso Shares Ex-Red Bull Engineer’s Optimism Against the Reigning World Champions

Last season, Red Bull’s dominance in F1 was evident as they won 21 out of 22 races. Despite this overwhelming statistic, former Red Bull engineer Dan Fallows has made a surprising statement. Fallows, who is now Aston Martin’s technical director, believes that Red Bull isn’t invincible and can be beaten in 2024. Now, Fernando Alonso has also shared Fallow’s optimism.

According to X (formerly Twitter), when asked to comment on the same, Alonso replied, “Well, that’s a good thing that he (Fallows) says that. I think we have to be optimistic at this part of the season, and I think we saw last year as well.”

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Alonso drew inspiration from Ferrari’s performance, emphasizing their strong finish in the previous season. He noted Ferrari’s achievement of securing several pole positions towards the end of 2023. Ferrari’s resurgence after the summer break was evident, as they were the only team to break Red Bull’s winning streak at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Moreover, the Prancing Horse often also matched Red Bull’s pace in qualifying sessions during the last few races. In Las Vegas, Charles Leclerc even managed to hold back Max Verstappen for a few laps, showcasing the team’s improved competitiveness.

After praising Ferrari, Alonso also mentioned McLaren’s significant progress over the course of the 2023 season. Alonso noted how they were able to challenge Red Bull on multiple occasions, such as the Qatar and Belgian GPs.

However, while discussing these two teams, Alonso hesitated to state that Aston Martin could defeat Red Bull at this point in time. Rather, he focused on how important it was for his squad to score points and compete for podium places.

According to Alonso, only once Aston Martin makes gradual improvements can they edge closer to its maiden win. The Spaniard then also shared his thoughts on the team’s latest car, the AMR24.

How has Fernando Alonso responded to the Aston Martin AMR24?

The Aston Martin car launch occurred on Monday morning at their Silverstone headquarters with a special presentation. Owner Lawrence Stroll, team principal Mike Krack, technical director Dan Fallows, and both Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll were present for the unveiling of the AMR24.

Soon after the presentation, Alonso also shared his thoughts on the AMR24. During his chat with Formula 1.com, he said that upon seeing it, he believed it looked fast. He further commented that due to current restrictions on creativity and regulations, all cars would eventually have a similar appearance, with different colors.

In addition, Alonso also outlined his aspirations for the 2024 season. He highlighted the team’s aim to compete for podiums. However, Alonso emphasized the importance of taking a cautious approach, recognizing the anticipated increased competitiveness of most of their rivals as well

Finally, Alonso also acknowledged that he is entering the final year of his contract with Aston Martin. According to him, this scenario places him in a favorable position for the upcoming season amid ongoing speculation in F1.

Given that the Mercedes seat is up for grabs in 2025, Alonso was even quizzed about the same. To this, Alonso said, “The first and only talk that I will have at the beginning is with Aston Martin, because that will be my only one priority“.

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