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First night of the Special Group in Sapucaí has ​​550 medical visits | Rio de Janeiro

Medical posts will be spread across six sectors of SapucaíDisclosure / Archive

Published 02/12/2024 12:51

Rio – On the third night since the start of the parades, 550 consultations were carried out until 4am, at the six medical stations set up by the Municipal Health Department at the sambadrome, according to the bulletin released this Monday (12).

According to the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS), 36 patients presented more serious conditions and needed to be transferred to urgency and emergency units in the municipal network. Rio City Hall’s service points are operating under a special medical assistance scheme for emergency during carnival and are distributed in strategic points on Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, operating from 7pm until 6am, at the end of the parades.

The service structure has 16 ambulances with advanced support (mobile ICU) and its own teams. At the stations, there are a total of 32 beds, seven of which are advanced support, and 10 hydration chairs.

In addition, 16 ambulances with advanced support (mobile ICU) and own teams are available on each parade day for the Gold Series and Special Group schools and on Saturday for the champions. For the children’s parade, 10 vehicles will be available.

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