James Celentanoonly son of Adriano and Claudia Mori he has been away from the scene for a long time. The second son of the couple has always had a passion for music. In fact, when he was young, only 23, he started working on his first album, Inside the woods, with the collaboration of Mario Lavezzi. Not only. Just with Molleggiato he wrote a song, Summer wind. But the turning point, as an author, came in 1997, after meeting Mario Ferrara and Roberto Bignoli. With which he then composed two pieces of Christian inspiration, The Eternal Message And The Canticle of Zechariah.

In fact, faith marked his life, above all it served him to face various adversities. Rosita and Rosalinda’s brother found in Jesus the comfort he needed, due to the illness that afflicted him. Giacomo Celentano, unfortunately, suffered from depression for a long time. And he wanted to talk about this black period in his life in his book The Light Beyond the Dark – My Faith Walk to Overcome Depression. A condition that has been disabling for his private life and for his career since it has also caused him physical problems, especially at the respiratory level.

Now Giacomo has come out of it, thanks to his faith and his wife Katya Cristianowith whom he married in 2002 and from which he has had Samuel. And he keeps out of the limelight.

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