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Giovanna Ewbank gets emotional when talking about Davi: ‘Racism is between the lines’ | Daniel Nascimento

Giovanna Ewbank comes to David’s defenseReproduction/Instagram

Published 02/12/2024 18:49

Giovanna Ewbank got emotional when talking about almost giving up on David Brito on BBB 24. In a video published in Stories on Instagram, the presenter opened up about the difficulty of watching the videos of the brothers criticizing the driver on the TV Globo reality show.

“It’s difficult to watch, but Davi is giant! BBB is and always has been a section of society. What happens inside, happens out here every day! May we observe, learn and not repeat it”, began the woman in Bruno Gagliasso.

“People are completely blind and are carrying out a massacre with him. And as they can’t get rid of the guy, they are trying to get rid of those around him, those who support him,” he said.

Ewbank also pointed out that prejudice was present in several participants’ attitudes. “Racism is between the lines, in the look, in the contempt. It’s very sad for us to see this from the outside and not be able to do anything. I hope he finds the strength to not give up on the game. If he gives up, that’s fine too. Because I know that he will be very loved. Regardless of whether he wins the game or not, he is already a winner”, he added.

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