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Granblue Fantasy Relink Cagliostro Guide

Deal some Alchemical damage.

Cagliostro is one of the possible unlockable characters in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. This founder of alchemy transmutes weapons of destruction unto her enemies to deal massive amounts of damage. Here’s a Granblue Fantasy Relink guide for Cagliostro builds, weapons, and skills.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Cagliostro Guide

Cagliostro is quite a versatile character, where she can either be a DPS using her skills that deal damage or be a utility character that heals and buffs her entire team as well as debuffing her enemies.  

Cagliostro’s gimmick is that depending on how many times you hit an enemy using your primary attack, the combo finisher using her secondary attack changes. After every combo finisher and skill, her secondary attack, Collapse, charges to the max level faster. Without a combo finisher, Collapse on itself charges slowly which leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Cagliostro Build

Cagliostro performs well as either a damage dealer or a support. Here are some possible builds for her:

Cagliostro DPS Build

Weapon – Magnum Opus

Skills – Pain Train, Disruption, Mimic Doll, Alexandria

Sigils – Health, Attack Power, Quick Cooldown, Cascade

This build revolves around casting as many damage skills as possible between combos and Collapse charge attacks. Use Pain Train to close distance with the enemy. Use Disruption to remove a buff from the enemy and deal damage at the same time. Use Mimic Doll to taunt the enemy and use Collapse right after. Use Alexandria to combo it with Collapse to maximize damage potential to the enemy.

Cagliostro Support Build

Weapon – Magnum Opus

Skills – Mehen, Phantasmagoria, Reinforce, Rhizomata

Sigils – Health, Quick Cooldown, Cascade, Improved Healing

This build is centered around supporting your team. Do combos and Collapse charge attacks normally. Use Phantasmagoria to buff your team with Atk, Def, and Critical Hit Rate buffs. Use Mehen to lay down traps you know that the enemy will move to so that you can inflict Atk Down debuff on the enemy after the trap stabilizes. Use Reinforce whenever there is a low-health ally. Whenever there are down teammates, use Rhizomata to quickly help them up to save up on precious Critical Time.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.

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