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TikTok has become the preferred application to spend a few minutes of leisurebecause there are all kinds of videos shared by users on the platform, ranging from those that seek to teach new or useful things, to those that are uploaded for mere entertainment.

Definitely, Internet users’ favorite clips are all those in which adults react to the new fashions of the youngest, be it songs or even dances. Like the woman who went viral at the beginning of the pandemic for listening to Bad Bunny’s song Safari.

On this occasion, the reaction of an elderly man to see his granddaughter “dogging” during a wedding went viral. The “disappointed face” as noted in the video has caused thousands of reactions on the platform.

In the viral video you can see the young woman dancing in the middle of the track one of Daddy Yankee’s most popular songs, La gasolinewhen suddenly the camera focuses the other way and you can see the reaction of his grandfather with a surprised face.

Some Internet users point out that the man could have reacted annoyed to the disfigurements that his granddaughter could be doing during the wedding in which they were invited, although there were those who came out in his defense, as they assure that it was a moment of fun.

The clip already has more than three million views on the social network and thousands of comments: “It’s reggaeton, old man, how could I not dance?”, “Call the notary… I’m going to get my granddaughter out of the will”, ” What annoyed him is seeing the granddaughter who was already touched doing the show, he is right”, “To go to a party and be bitter I better stay at home so it is very good that you enjoy everything for everything, criticize the family” .


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