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“Greatest of Her Time”: Caitlin Clark Bestowed With ‘Ultimate’ Compliment From South Carolina HC Dawn Staley

The NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament is finally underway with some of the best players in the country going up against one another. And one of the biggest names that fans will be lining up to see is none other than Caitlin Clark. Ahead of the NCAA tournament, WNBA legend and South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley had some words about Clark while she made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show’.

Caitlin Clark has been making some big noise in women’s college basketball. And it’s not just women’s basketball but college basketball, as a whole, with her breaking the NCAA record for most points, surpassing Pete Maravich. Ahead of the NCAA tournament, South Carolina’s head coach Dawn Staley, on The Dan Patrick Show, was asked to give her views on Caitlin Clark.

A legend in the world of basketball herself, Staley had nothing bad to say about Caitlin Clark. She praised her talent and the attention it has brought to women’s basketball in the past few months. When asked how she would explain Caitlin Clark, this is what Dawn had to say,

“I think she is the greatest of her time, of her time. Now, I don’t wanna ruffle anybody’s feathers…We got a rich history of women’s basketball, rich, rich. We got Brianna Stewart who won four national titles. And you cannot forget about all the contributors of our game like Caitlin Clark’s got.”

Caitlin Clark has been filling up arenas everywhere she went to play last month and the months before. Her lethal long-range shooting had fans clamoring to catch a glimpse of her in person. HC added, “Brought a lot of eyes to our game and I’m really grateful for her talent. And I do think she’s incredible, like remarkable. Eye-catching, I mean, she’s got great IQ, so I gotta give it to her. She’s definitely a woman that continues to grow our game.”

Credits: USA TODAY Sports

What Dawn Staley said about Caitlin Clark attracting attention to women’s basketball is absolutely on point. Clark’s games have seen a huge boost in viewership as compared to other games and it’ll be interesting to see how far she can lead Iowa in this NCAA tournament.

Staley’s meeting with Caitlin Clark and the Hawkeyes

While on the show, Dawn Staley talked about numerous things ahead of the NCAA tournament. She even remembered last year’s game when the Iowa Hawkeyes defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Final Four.

Staley went on to talk about what the team had expected out of Caitlin Clark. The Iowa big played a crucial role in the Hawkeyes’ 77-73 win over the Gamecocks while in the Final Four.

While Staley may not have given Clark the credit here, she went off for 41 points in that game, becoming the headlines the next day. So, this NCAA tournament will be an exciting one to watch as this marks Clark’s last year in college, with her being a lottery pick in the upcoming WNBA draft. 

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