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Has my contribution as MEI increased? | Complain in advance

I am an individual microentrepreneur (MEI) and I have noticed a significant increase in my tax burden. I am concerned about the financial impact on my business and would like to know how I can optimize my taxes in a legal and effective way. What strategies are available to reduce my tax burden?

Carlos Eduardo Santos, Bonsucesso.

Carlos, it is strange to notice an increase in your tax burden as MEI, since the monthly payment amounts are fixed, only changed with adjustments to the minimum wage or by determination of the Federal Revenue Service.

According to Francisco Arrighi, tax consultant, with the increase in the minimum wage to R$1,412.00 in 2024, the MEI will have an increase in the monthly tax rate, which is calculated based on a fixed percentage of the salary. For service providers like you, the contribution is made up of the sum of three values: INSS = 5% of the current minimum wage, so the INSS value is R$70.60; ISS = R$5.00 for service providers and R$1.00 for commerce and industry; and ICMS = R$1.00 for commerce and industry.

In your case, as you are a service provider, it will be R$70.60 + R$5.00 + R$1.00 = R$76.60.

The MEI tax must be paid monthly by the 20th of the month following invoicing through the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS-MEI), which can be issued through the Entrepreneur Portal.

Considering the guidance of an accountant can be crucial to identify possible irregularities and adopt appropriate tax management strategies, ensuring the financial health of your business, reinforces lawyer Átila Nunes from the service www.reclamaradianta.com.br. The service is free via [email protected] or via WhatsApp (21) 99328-9328.

Cases resolved by the Reclamar Adianta team (WhatsApp: 21 – 99328-9328 – for messages only): Bruno Sampaio (Águas do Rio), Emanuele Gonzalez (Casas Bahia), Luana Santos (Magalu).

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