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‘He was my man’ – El Financiero

In the early hours of March 18, the death of producer Nicandro Díazwhich sparked surprise in the Mexican artistic community since he worked with various personalities, such as Raúl Araiza, Eduardo Yáñez and the singer Dulceto name a few.

And among the people who have spoken out about it and even spoken about the accident that caused the death of Díaz González is his partner, the voice actress Mariana Robleswho was with him at the time of the incident.

Publications by Mariana Robles after Nicandro Díaz’s accident

Through his Instagram account, the first thing Robles did was share obituaries and stories in which they mentioned and lamented the death of Nicandro, occurred in Quintana Roo. In addition, he uploaded a video in which several photos of the producer were displayed.

Thanks for everything my love” and “You hurt, you hurt a lot“, was what the announcer wrote in the video using hashtags, while the song ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’, by Paloma Faith, is heard in the background.

Mariana Robles’ last publication was an image in which blood donors were requested for Nicandro Díaz Gonzálezhours before his death was announced.

Mariana Robles: What did you say about Nicandro Díaz’s accident?

Days after the accident suffered by the soap opera producer, his partner Mariana Robles, who was at the time of what happened with Díaz González, arrived in Mexico City and was approached at the airport.

The announcer, with some injuries you suffered and accompanied by some people, she gave some words to the media present, such as Todaywho asked him how he felt and what happened.

“Very sad, very sad, broken, bad,” were the first words he said to the media, and he added: “I’m sad, what can I tell you? He was my partner, he was my man”.

When will Nicandro Díaz’s funeral be? This is what Mariana Robles said

The press present also asked him about the producer’s funeralof whom it was not known when they could transfer him to CDMX.

In this regard, Mariana Robles said that she was unaware of that type of information because those in charge of it are the children of Nicandro Díaz.

“I don’t know because the family has to see that, I… I don’t know, his oldest son is the one who will have to see that, he is the one who is authorized to make those decisions, not me,” he said.

Was Nicandro Díaz’s partner in the accident with him? This we know

So far, details about the Nicandro Díaz accident in Cozumel They are scarce. The first versions, shared by TV Forumthey pointed out that he had an incident on a jet ski while he was on vacation with his children, for which he was emergency hospitalized.

However, authorities from the Cozumel Public Safety and Transit Directorate revealed that the incident It was on a motorcycle that skidded near the site known as El Cedral, accompanied by a woman, who would be Robles Ortiz.

According to the police file, shown in Windowing This Tuesday, first aid was provided to Nicandro at the scene, who was polyconfused due to a blow to the head that he suffered when he fell from the yellow Honda motorcycle on which they were traveling, and was carried in code yellow to the San Miguel Clinic for your attention.

The municipal police of Cozumel interviewed Mariana Robles Ortiz, 47 years old, who identified himself as His couple and they also had injuries thanks to the skid they suffered after an animal (of which the type is unknown so far) crossed them, causing Nicandro to lose control of the vehicle and they ended up in the undergrowth.

It was the same woman who gave notice when she had the opportunity, since there was a poor telephone signal at the place where the accident occurred, according to the information that authorities gave to The financial.

Who is Mariana Robles, partner of Nicandro Díaz?

Mariana Robles Ortiz is a presenter and announcer originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, who has worked on different radio and television programs.

He currently has his program called The Game of Life, which is broadcast on the online channel Promo Estéreo, and he participated in a TV program via streaming on Taba Networks.

Among the films in which he participated doing dubbing are:

  • Cars 2
  • Tangled
  • Tinker Bell and the lost treasure
  • Herbie: Full speed ahead
  • High School Musical 3: Graduation

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