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Heat wave in Peru could increase forest fires, warns the Government – ​​El Financiero

The Ministry of the Environment of Peru (Minam) warned that the heat wave that hits the country Andean region can increase the conditions for forest fires to break out, mainly in 11 regions with the largest area of ​​compromised territory.

Minam pointed out in a statement that 98 percent of forest fires in Peru are caused due to human activities, due to agricultural and livestock burning, and the highest incidence occurs between August and November, mainly in territories of the Andean zone.

He reported, however, that so far this year there have already been 26 fires of this type, although he maintained that the conditions that occur during February are lower in risk compared to those of last January.

However, the map of favorable conditions for the occurrence of forest fires in the country indicated that during this month the regions with the greatest territory at risk are Cajamarca (24.6 percent), Amazonas (17 percent), San Martín (16 percent), Piura (15 percent) and Ancash (15 percent).

They are followed by Huánuco (14 percent), La Libertad (13 percent), Lima (12 percent), Cuzco (11 percent), Junín (10 percent) and Tacna (10 percent).

Peru is currently facing a heat wave with temperatures that have exceeded 36 degrees Celsius in the north of the country, and 32 degrees Celsius in Lima, and categories of ultraviolet radiation considered “very high and extremely high”, with maximum values ​​in the mountains that fluctuate between 10 and 18 (in a footage that has a maximum value of 20).

In this regard, Minam official Rodrigo García Sayán warned that the situation “may become complicated if the current intense heat wave is taken into account,” added to other factors such as the increase in wind speed, the decrease in humidity, the irregular topography and the type of coverage.

“All of this can favor the occurrence of forest fires in different regions,” he emphasized before asking municipal authorities to be alert and supervise the territories that present favorable conditions for these fires, especially those that cover more than 10% of their surface. totally committed.

Minam stressed that its specialists permanently monitor all regions and send the information generated each month to the regional and municipal authorities so that they can apply the necessary preventive measures.

Furthermore, he recommended the population that implements good agricultural practices, with adequate waste management, the development of land cleaning actions and implementation of firebreak strips.

Also, that the burning of garbage be avoided, precautions be taken in ancestral practices such as rituals and customary cultural activities and that, if a forest fire is detected, the municipal authorities, the firefighters or the National Police be immediately notified.

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