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“Here comes Luis Enrique” – Libero Quotidiano

The Milan is at a crossroads. After the defeat of Florence, Stefano Pioli is back in the crosshairs. At the moment the coach enjoys the trust of the club, but in fact if the championship were to end now, Milan would be out of the Champions League. The passage of the round with Tottenham becomes in fact an essential condition to ensure a period of tranquility and try the climb to fourth place that could save a season.

But for some time some names have popped up in the shadows that could overturn the picture. A few weeks ago, when Milan was in a deep crisis, the name of De Zerbi appeared and he is doing very well in the premier league. But now the Gazzetta dello Sport is whispering a name that could sit on the Rossoneri bench next season. It’s about Louis Enriquethe former coach of the Barcelona and former coach of the Spanish national team.

Luis Enrique loves Italy and his family has long wanted to move back to Italy after his experience in Rome a few years ago. A suggestive hypothesis which, however, we reiterate, at the moment remains only a rumor. The round of 16 with Tottenham will give a clearer picture of Milan’s season and above all could decide Stefano Pioli’s future.

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