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‘His mom was MJ’: Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst jokes about her kid holding superhero umbrella; Fans go ‘Aww’

In a recent Instagram post, Kirsten Dunst, the actress who famously portrayed Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man trilogy, shared a heartwarming moment of her child holding a superhero umbrella. The post quickly went viral, with fans all over the world going ‘Aww’ at the adorable sight. 


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The superhero picture of Dunst’s child

The photo features Dunst’s child clutching a vibrant superhero umbrella, a sight that is both endearing and amusing. The umbrella, adorned with the iconic Spider-Man logo, seems to be a subtle nod to Dunst’s role in the Spider-Man films. It’s as if the superhero legacy is being passed down from mother to child.

A nostalgic throwback to Dunst and Toby’ Spiderman trilogy

For many fans, this post serves as a nostalgic throwback to Dunst’s portrayal of Mary Jane Watson. Her performance in the trilogy is still fondly remembered by fans and critics alike. The sight of her child holding a Spider-Man umbrella feels like a sweet continuance of her connection with the beloved superhero franchise.

Fans reactions

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Fans react to Dunst’s post

The post has garnered significant attention from fans worldwide, who were quick to express their adoration for the photo. Comments ranged from heart emojis to remarks about how ‘cute’ the child looked with the umbrella. Many fans also appreciated the humor in Dunst’s caption, appreciating how she incorporated her past role into her present life.

A fan commented on the post, “This is what Instagram is for,” another one appreciated Dunst for the role and commented, “You always will be our Mary Jane Watson. Love as a fan.”

This Instagram post by Kirsten Dunst is more than just an adorable photo of her child. It’s a celebration of her past roles, a nod to her connection with the Spider-Man franchise, and a heartwarming glimpse into her life as a mother. As a fan commented, “As fans, we can’t help but go ‘Aww’ at this delightful blend of superhero nostalgia and maternal love.”

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